Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Religious Freedom Under Threat

Today Pink News showed why there is so much work to do to tackle religious stigma in the UK

Pink News Article.

I value diversity which includes Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Marriage/Civil Partnerships, Pregnancy/Maternity, Religion, Sexuality & Trans. Diversity is about valuing all these different perspectives and recognising that different people hold different views and that what is important is finding a way for us all to live together in a tolerant positive community.

This is the response to Pink News Team's request for my views that they failed to publish. They instead decided to claim that I had targeted my views based on sexuality which is something I would never do.

I have given Ben my view and find it quite sad you want to turn it into an issue of sexuality.
I support same sex parents and value an ever increasingly accessible adoption system in the UK.
I have long opposed surrogacy for anyone because of the turning of a child into a commodity, the planning of a pregnancy with the sole intention to take away from the childs natural parents and the oppression of women that occurs directly or indirectly financially and emotionally when surrogacy takes place.
Its an issue that is a matter of conscience which we are all free to have our own opinions and perspectives on, that is simply my own.
Kind Regards

Surrogacy is an issue which is often debated and recently YouGov publicised its own debate on whether paid surrogacy should be legal in the UK. The claim that this view is either extreme or directly homophobic is clearly wrong.

I have also been told by the Editor of Pink News Benjamin Cohen I should be embarrassed to be friends with Caroline Farrow a Catholic who is outspoken on pro life issues and personally opposes same sex marriage. I don't base my friendships on single issue politics and I am proud to be friends with someone as kind hearted and warm as Caroline. I would rather stand with someone who is kind hearted but opposes same sex marriage (a view I disagree with) than with someone who is in favour of same sex marriage but preaches hate.

I understand everyone doesn't share my views and I respect their position. But too often issues are not debated due to the oppression of religious freedom and stigma which in the end damages society as a whole.

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. It seems Councillor Sarah Brown is out to defame and destroy anyone who disagrees with her loony polygamous agenda. Keep up the good work building bridges between communities... Veronica